• Review or investigate cases for merit.

  • Identify the applicable standards of care.

  • Clarify deviations from and adherences to, the applicable standards of care.

  • Identify factors that caused or contributed to the injuries and/or damages.

  • Paginate, organize and tab medical records.

  • Summarize, translate and interpret medical records.

  • Identify potential defendants.

  • Develop life care plans.

  • Interview clients and relevant witnesses.

  • Prepare questions for Interrogatories.

  • Assist in exhibit preparation.

  • Prepare deposition and trial questions.

  • Create written reports for use by the attorney.

  • Attend independent medical examinations (IMEs).

  • Identify and review relevant medical records, hospital policies and procedures or other relevant documents.

  • Conduct literature searches and integrate the standards/guidelines into the case analysis.


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