What is a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant®?

A CLNC® is a registered nurse who has completed the CLNC® Certification Program developed by the company that pioneered the field of legal nurse consulting.  The CLNC® can identify and delineate medical and nursing issues involved in cases concerning health, illness or injury.

Why Do Attorneys Need Certified Legal Nurse Consultants®?

An attorney knows the law and the CLNC® knows the healthcare system. A CLNC® can share with you their insider’s perspective providing you reliable cost saving expertise.

When Should You Call a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant®?

Call a CLNC® for any potential medical case to assist in reviewing for merit, identifying deviations from or adherences to standards of care as well as clarifying medical issues or injuries. We provide a total of 30 services all of which are designed to lighten your workload, reduce your cost and tip the scale in your favor.

Why Should You Consult with a Certified Legal Nurse Consultant® if You're Already Using an MD?

Consulting with a CLNC® gives you access to a member of the healthcare team who has provided 24 hour patient care and can share those insights at a cost savings compared with expensive medical experts.